Back to Basics With Strength Essentials-
Buffalo Personal Trainer

You are a busy man, no time to waste and you want to turn heads at the beach. If you don't know where to start, you've come to the right place!

My name is Jim White. I am a personal trainer/owner of Strength Essentials in Buffalo, NY. My goal is to help you get strong for life.

I am here to serve you. If you are in the Buffalo/Williamsville area email me to get stronger today.

Email me at -

Or call 716-479-4469

Your time is valuable. It shouldn't take hours in the gym to reach your goals. The goal of Strength Essentials is to be your "third place".

Everyone has enough stress overwhelming them at work and home, the last thing you need is more of it at a crowded big box gym.

Keep it simple and focus on the basics with hard work and persistence. Look strong and be strong. 

Strength Essentials trains out of 2 locations. One in downtown Buffalo and one in Williamsville, NY. You will find community, accountability and support as you become stronger physically and mentally.

Small group and semi-private personal training available.

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